Tuesday, August 14, 2018


This portfolio was compiled from images taken in the late sixties and early seventies. Much restoration was needed to the negatives which had suffered fungal and other damage during storage. The images were shot on Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP4 and developed with Ilford Microphen or ID11.  A Canon FS4000 film scanner was used to digitise the negatives.

Both of the images above reflect the pensive character of the subject who was living alone at the time. I sensed a loneliness in her character and tried to capture this. The second image was taken through a window in her apartment.

Exploring this closed-down factory in Christchurch was exciting. The chaotic contents in the main office manifested their own history and the lives of the people who had worked there over many years. I suggested to a friend that this would be the perfect backdrop to complement her character: independent, impulsive and creating her own order in a chaotic life.

The old weathered and windswept granite cliff face exudes strength and permanence, in contrast to the fragility of the young girl. 

On a cold Christchurch winter's day the visitor complained about the cold. She unconsciously wrapped the duvet around her enabling me to take this shot. In the photo below I asked her to replace the duvet with a blanket for a close-up. 

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